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      Welcome to the Catholic Diocese of Peoria Area Cursillo Website
      The Peoria Cursillo is primarily a lay movement. It is an instrument of renewal by which Christianity can permeate, live and grow in today's world. It proposes no new type of spirituality but a method through which one's spirituality can be strengthened, lived and shared in all areas of one's environment.

      We invite you to discover the Cursillo Movement which is spreading the love of Christ worldwide, in more than 60 countries and across the religious spectrum

      Current Cursillistas Application Form
      Please mail all applications to :
      Peoria Cursillo, Spalding Renewal Center,
      401 N.E. Madison Ave.,
      Peoria, IL  61603-3719

      Change of Address
      If you have the Internet, we now offer a link to send your change of address form to the Cursillo Center. From this page, click on Current Cursillistas, and fill out the Change of Address form.